What I hate being a blogger

Hello girls!
Today I come with one of my nocturnal reflections tickets when I'm not able to sleep: - )
Being blogger has many good things but also bad ones , as I always like to start with the bad today I bring you my thoughts on what what I do not like blogger and tomorrow and the good ones!
What I hate or dislike is:
- Self-promotion comments , I have said a thousand times that in my blog you can leave the url of your blog but as long as you read the post. I hate when for example I talk about shoes and someone tells me that pretty manicure and its corresponding link. Then I want to kill someone. And the same with those of: What a pimp and then .. I have a new post shirt plus a mango skirt, because if you have already told me everything so that I will enter your link, I will never understand things.
- I hate, hate and hate that I copy ahh, the firecracker I was talking about HERE is still there with the post , amazing people have no shame . I no longer have any hope in the human being, we are the worst!
- I hate but a lot of the things that fuck me the most make a draw and want to change it , ( I do not want to give names but I assure you that there are a few) example you draw a coffee machine, you sign up to touch the coffee maker and now that you have touched ahh is not that on the page I have seen that they sell televisions so I want the tele please there is despair. I do not know if I'm a gaffe, everything bad happens to me or that, but I'm lucky ... (irony on)
- And what about the companies that you try scam to tutiplen. This goose that you are reading did not fall once, no, it fell two! First with sheinside you talk about us and then we send you a gift, I say a gift because I do not remember what it was and you can imagine that if 9 months have passed and they have not sent it to me anymore I do not expect it.
(Conclusion I'm going to delete the entry right now that they are taking advantage of me and I had not remembered to delete it)
But tranquility that as I trust people come from Cothingloves and these very smart too .. because they talk to fools like me, they tell me the same thing, it was when I did not know what to draw and wrote of them in exchange for sending me a necklace that I was going to draw for the birthday, well you can imagine why in the end I'm raffling echos for me. That is 3 months ago so I direct them also where the chicken itches.
And yes, that is what you will be thinking I have claimed but with companies that are a scam the only thing you can expect is that they do not answer you ...
Tip: if you collaborate with some company, first your package and then you already write.
- I do not like the bloggers that go from superiors There are some who think themselves immortal or something. In fact, in a year and a half that I have here, there are bloggers who followed them from the first day, who did not miss a single entry and who commented on them and in more than a year did not receive a single comment from them or that at least when you ask something answer, it seems amazing to me. Well hala superiors, to which they are so I also send you where the chicken bites there to keep you company at the two above: -)
- I hate and hate until I die "follow me and I follow you" but why? forbid these words. That tiredness to be always reading the same. You like my blog, do not like it, go away.Suddenly one day to Paula Echevarría (she is an example) she likes some skirts and the next day all demonstrating personality with the same skirts.
- I hate the post "inspiration" let me say JAJA inspiration no !! copy, upload 10 images of pinterest and that's inspiration ... do not forgive that is to copy, apart from that first never put the sources, second you can not take images that are not yours and third, what more post is not crazed? I'm sure you've sweated and everything.
- Then there are the ready and ready ones that follow you and when they see you follow them, they stop following you But what's the point?
- There are also those called brave, those who hide under a anonymous to get green. Well, as if you want to put me pink, the best counterattack is not to answer and pass them that most do it out of envy because if they do not like my blog so they can go and tell me bullshit ... continue with their lives if they have to I doubt.
- I do not say that I do not like it, but I do laugh and I want to mention it. You are having a conversation with someone who knows that you have a blog and who suddenly tells me " I know, I've read it on your blog " thank goodness that few of those who know me know of its existence because Sometimes I feel at a disadvantage, they know more about me than I do about them haha.
And I think I've finished even if I forgot something! ! maybe this post would be more appropriate for my other blog ERESBLOGGER but as everything has happened to me with this one here stays.
What do you think of my blogging reflections? Have I missed any? Kisses