The good thing about being a blogger

Good morning girls!
Yesterday I wrote the post of WHAT I HATE TO BE BLOGGER, and as I told you today, it's about the good things, always I leave the good for the end :-) Good less when it's food than if it's something I like I eat it before, I do not want someone to come and take it from me.
The truth that I'm always better at writing the bad than the good, things that we're going to do ... but let's start:
- What I like about blogging is that you c on a lot of people from many places, other cultures, another way of looking at life that you would never have known about have a blog.
- Every day you learn something new and things that I never thought I would learn in my life, for example and half make up haha ​​if I was one of those who wore the face all black makeup but not look at my neck because it was whiter than snow j aja.
- Whenever something bad happens to you there are many people supporting you , for example when they copied me many were the They supported me and from here I want to thank you because that is very much appreciated.
- You know new products , in my case of the collaborations that I have made I have known many products that otherwise I would not have known neither that they existed But also of véroslo to you that I crave, for example the last case has been the top coat that recommended nailists which is already on the way: -)
- You learn to save , if it seems crazy because you buy more things, but they are cheaper! I probably would never have known buyincois pages in which everything comes out a lot cheaper.
- I've also learned that I can buy around the world !! who was going to tell me that the farthest thing I bought was in the mercadona that is 20 km haha.
- There wonderful people I do not want to name anyone because as someone I forget ... we're going bad haha. But those people who are here reading my post without receiving anything in return is priceless.
- Yesterday I told you about the top bloggers that are created goddesses, because today I want to tell you that when I started and barely had followers there were two great bloggers who had many followers (maybe there is more but I do not remember, kill me) and they supported me from the beginning by becoming followers and also commenting on these bloggers are Anyol of the blog Gadi of will not talk about them because they are well-known and most will know them in the case that there is some clueless I recommend you go through these blogs.

And from here I also want to thank you!

That's why when someone new comes to my blog I always remember them and immediately I start to follow to the new ones and try to tell them whenever I can.
- I also like that there are followers like Maria Luisa they do not have a blog and they always go through here: -)
- I love to make others happy when they win a raffle !!And if I did not have a blog on which to use my time and my neurons, I would have died of boredom. I do not like to be doing nothing that overwhelms! and this has been my escape route and the one I hope never to leave. Why do you really LIKE TO BE BLOGGER.
And you like to be a blogger ? Kisses