Premium Summertime samples

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to show you what the monthly box Premium Summertime Samples brings, I do not know how they manage to close it that I always look at her before I take the pictures I'm sorry I can not with curiosity haha ​​and then I'm unable to close it.
Let's see what it brings, as it is always divided into 3 bags, in one of them we find:
Salad Sicilian bowl Isabel: we can enjoy the authentic flavors of pasta, black olives and vegetables typical of Sicily. Real size product, 50 ml.
Potatoes Natuchip tomato, cheese and oreagano, of these I already talk to you a few weeks ago, I love them I am hooked you can see the entry I made here. They are real size.
Bags vegetables freshness ALBAL , fruits and vegetables are kept fresh in the fridge up to 3 times longer. Its duo zip closure system guarantees the best protection and flavor of the food. They come in real size, Pack of 7 bags x 3 L
Alpro milk Alpro central Asturian milk : it is low in fat and without saturated fats, with a rich flavor of toasted almonds. It comes in real size, 1 liter bottle.
Cocktail mojito Parrot Bay : freeze, squeeze and go to drink a delicious granita cocktail. Real size product. 250 ml bag (2 glasses)
Ginseng moisturizing facial cream: this facial cream offers intense hydration , combining the properties of ginseng with a molecular film that maintains the moisturizing power 24 h.
It is not tested in animals and is dermatologically tested.
Aloe Vera hair protection spray: Babaria Aloe Vera Hair Protection Spray contains sunscreen to protect hair and scalp from damage caused by sun exposure , sea and effects of chlorine, avoiding drying and discoloration of the hair.
Shape a protective film on the hair, without greasing it. It is very easy and fast to use.

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What do you think about the premium samples ? Kisses