Manicure Corset for short nails

Hello Beauty !!
Today I show you one of the last easy manicures or nails that I have done, inspire me in a corset, which I like a lot lately, they are sexy and I'm finding them very cheap in stores like aliexpress and company.
The manicure is very easy, to make it looks a lot like the manicure of CONVERSE .

For this easy manicure you only need:
- Nail base.
- Black enamel, lilac, white and blue.
- Top coat.

Step by step manicure corset;

To do it, first put the nail base to protect it. Then we extend the black enamel, when it is completely dry we paint the sides of lilac.

We put 3 dots on each side of blue and finally we join the dots with some lines.

What do you think of this easy manicure ? Do you like the corse manicure? Besitos