Brilliant to the pan, my opinion.

Hello girls!
Most of you will already know Trnd, well a few weeks ago they took me for the project Brilliant to the pan !!
Many times we like rice dishes or fideuá, but the lack of time, not having the ingredients or our little experience before the stove makes us change our options. Now, Brillante makes it easy with 3 easy recipes to prepare in just 5 minutes.
Want to see how easy it is to eat with Brilliant to the pan?
To make the rice from bright to the pan, the first thing we do is separate the glasses:

In one of the Boats comes the broth and in the other comes the rice. First put the broth in the pan and then put the rice.

We wait 5 minutes and ready, we have our rice that is also delicious.

The way to do it I liked it a lot because it is very easy to do. The rice is great but as not everything can be gold I put your inconvenience.

It says that each boat is for two people, but as a person likes rice or eat a lot, with this boat not They eat two people not even far away.

It's a good choice especially for people who do not like to cook or just do not have time. And to you that you think bright to the pan ? Kisses