Pet secret July

Hello Beauty !!
We already have here the monthly pet secret box for the month of July, this time when I I had double company xandy and the bitch of my sister xica who is your cousin haha. (You do not notice anything that had a cookie in the hand while I made the photo not ??)
I am going to show you everything that the pet secret box brings this month:


Shampoo & Conditioner for dogs .
2 in 1 is a conditioning shampoo with antistatic properties. Formulated with BORAGE oil and SWEET ALMOND for a triple cleansing, detangler and softening action.
Recommended for dogs and cats, both puppies and adults.
Complete dry food for adult dogs of all breeds and ages.
Contains all the nutrients for a good diet. Enriched with vitamin A, D3 and E which contributes to optimal dog health.
Contains stabilizers of the intestinal flora.
My dog ​​loves them, they must Be delicious.


Cookieswil are cookies and snacks for dogs and snacks made in a homemade, natural, craft and without processed or artificial ingredients.
All Cookieswil cookie orders are made at the moment, manually, providing vitamins, minerals, proteins and hydrates.
Biscuits and snacks for dogs Cookieswil are made exclusively with fresh and organic ingredients to take care of the health of our dogs.


Rope toys are a good hobby for the dog to entertain itself and, in turn, it is good for your gums.


Marina Cleanliness for the whole house, protection for the whole family. Eliminates germs and neutralizes odors. Its natural perfumes protect the respiratory system of your pets, and its neutral pH makes it harmless for people and animals.
Its daily use is as simple as that of any scrubbing, diluting the contents of a plug in a bucket with 5L of water and passing the mop on the floor as usual.

And all these brochures:

What do you think of Pet secret ? Kisses