My opinion about tattooforaweek tattoos

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion about tattooforaweek is a page of temporary tattoos with more than 3000 designs and with a wide variety. They have temporary tattoos for all tastes, such as religions, celebrities, countries, well-known letters or drawings, simple figures ... therefore you will surely find yours.
The sent to Spain has taken me 24 hours, hallucinate when I saw that they came to me so fast and send to everyone, therefore you read me from Spain, from Chile or Venezuela, in this case the opinion serves you for all countries. Although in other countries may take more time, but at most have a period of one month.
If your order is more than 10 euros or more than 15 $ the shipping costs are free . If you do not get to the minimum I recommend you make the request with a friend to save a few euros in expenses.

These are the ones that I have asked Tattooforaweek :

In tattooforawwn they have the latest fashion accessories with a great imagination for men, women and children all over the world. These fake tattoos are all the rage in the world.

These temporary tattoos are non-toxic, are not allergic and are 100% safe for children.

On his website you can find many ways to get tattoos my intention is this:
Right now I have put the star supposes that if I get in the sun and it sticks I will stay the signal but of course you already know that the sun does not love me very much I always stay very soft but I will show you how I have on Facebook the sun tattoos of Tattooforaweek .

How long do Tattooforaweek tattoos last?

Tattoos usually last between 4 - 8 days.

Edit: several girls have asked me if I got the sun tattoo, the answer is no. For people who get very dark it will come out but to those who are white as I think it is better not to try.

Have you ever put on a temporary tattoo? Have you tried the temporary tattoos of Tattooforaweek ? Kisses