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Hello Beauty!
Today I wanted to show you a mini online purchase I did a few days ago at buyincoins This time it only takes 10 days to get to me, often record because they always take me about 30 - 35 days.
As you know the purchases I make online I get all free because the I do with what I earn with the Ptc pages you can find them above in the tab "Pages to earn money".
Imitation of the tangleteezer brush for only 1.57 $ works very all right. Haber is not the same as the original, pull a little more but this brush is very good.

Although they could put it in another color more beautiful because in black it is a little ugly.

2 x stainless steel pimples, is a tool to remove pimples and pimples for $ 0.98. I've already tried it, small black dots do not take them away but those that are a little bigger yes, but I'm not going to lie hurts just like when you squeeze with your fingers. That's more hygienic.

I recommend it for the girls who have big black dots, if they are small I think it's throwing money.

Natural Konjac I still have the mercadona but for when it breaks I'll try it and I'll tell you what it is. Price 1.55 $, they also have white color.

5 buy-in makeup brushes for 1.35 $. I know that they will not be very good, but since I break them all, I spend a lot of money on brushes. When they break, I buy others for the same price and that's it.

With what little I've been able to prove they are very soft, but what I said did not give you much time to use.

If you make a purchase and use the discount code "Xenajfh" they give you a 5% discount, which does not hurt at all.

Do you have any of these things from ?> buyincoins ? Do you like online shopping ? Besitos