A thousand last low cost purchases

Hello Beauty !!
Today I'm going to show you my latest purchases, most of them are from feminine cosmetics and low cost clothing although some of them have been around for a long time but I still have not shown them:
Bio oil : I started buying it in pharmacies for € 10 for 60 ml but I found it on ebay. This is specifically the 125 ml one and it costs € 14.95.
Edito: If you see my post later you will see that I do not recommend the oil Bio oil, was a bad purchase, you can see it in My opinion about Bio oil the big lie.

Aloe vera cream. This I bought in a super local but I'm sure you can find it in any bazaar or department store. I like aloe vera a lot, that's why I decided to try this cream.

I've been trying it for several days and although it's not bad, I would not buy it again either. Of aloe vera has a little, is slowly absorbed and is a little "Chinorri", Its size is 500ml, and its price 1.10 €

De cosmetic deliplus I bought this reducing cellulite cream I think it cost around € 3.

It's not the best anti-cellulite cream in the world, but in quality/price ratio is very good. Of course this is fine and you will see reduced cellulite if you complement it with a good diet and sports.

If you do not play sports or have a good diet, it will not work, but neither this Mercadona anti-cellulite cream, nor any.

Antiestria Cream , also from deliplus cosmetics . Enter the Mercadona and leave empty-handed is impossible mission.
Its price is € 6, I have not yet tried, but I'll tell you later that such has gone with this cream.

Baby wipes also from Mercadona. Although they are for babies I use them for everyone, to clean my hands, to clean my sports shoes, they are multipurpose. Price 1.50 € and 80 wipes come.

Top Inside, I bought it on sale for a price of € 5.50. Position is very cute.

Skirts stradivarius. Suprecio € 5, I do not think I use them much, but for the price they have I think it's a good buy.

T-shirt with calaberas from a Chinese bazaar. On the back is very beautiful and its price is € 4.50

Top stradivarius € 5. It's great for girls who like to show their bellies.

What do you think about my latest low cost shopping? ? Do you like the cosmetic deliplus ? Besitos